Linda Evans Shepherd – Arise Speaker

Linda, know as 'Today's Prayer Author and Speaker'  wows audiences when she shares her heart and teaches them how to connect with God. Linda says, "My journey hasn't been easy, and my only hope was … [Read More...]

Erica Wiggenhorn – Arise Speaker

Erica Wiggenhorn is an award-winning author and the founder of Every Life Ministries, bringing you the truths of Scripture to transform your life. By digging deeply into God’s Word, Every Life … [Read More...]

Cindi McMenamin – Arise Speaker

    Cindi McMenamin is a national speaker and author who helps women find strength for the soul. As a longtime pastor’s wife and Bible teacher, she has more than 30 years … [Read More...]

Deb DeArmond – Arise Speaker

Deb DeArmond is an author, a speaker, and relationship coach—helping others improve their interactions at work and at home. Her first book, Related by Chance, Family by Choice: Transforming … [Read More...]

Yvonne Ortega – Arise Speaker

Yvonne Ortega speaks with honesty and humor as she shares her life and struggles through presentations that help women find comfort, peace, and purpose. Her background as a licensed professional … [Read More...]

Kathy Collard Miller – Arise Speakers

Kathy Collard Miller is best known as a speaker and author for her practical Biblical teaching with vulnerable sharing, humor, and motivation woven throughout. Kathy’s ministry began after God … [Read More...]

Lori Wildenberg – Arise Speaker

Lori is passionate about helping families build connections that last a lifetime. She meets her audience right where their heart resides; with the people they love. Women and men alike … [Read More...]

Susan K. Stewart – Arise Speaker

Susan K. Stewart is a writer, speaker, teacher. Her first published work was a poem in her elementary school “literary” booklet. Since that humble beginning, Susan has written for newspapers, magazines, and compilations. Her books include Harried Homeschooler’s Handbook, Family Preparedness in the City and Suburbia, and the award-winning Formatting e-Books for Writers. Since 1985, […]


Monica Schmelter – Arise Speaker

About Monica SchmelterMonica is probably best known as the host of the Christian Television Network’s daily television program, “Bridges.”    Broadcast weekly in over 50 million homes across the U.S., … [Read More...]

Lori Hynson – Arise Speaker

Living much of her life as a stressed-out, burned-out SuperGal, Lori’s life was completely turned around when she met Jesus during a tragic storm. Defeated and broken, she had to lay down her overwhelming pride and … [Read More...]

Deborah Norred – Arise Speaker

Debbie founded Heart Keepers Ministries, Inc. in 1997 after resigning her position as Senior Partner of a women's investment club. God called Debbie to invest in his "stock". That began a life of … [Read More...]