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Kathy Collard Miller is best known as a speaker and author for her practical Biblical teaching with vulnerable sharing, humor, and motivation woven throughout. Kathy’s ministry began after God delivered her from being a child abuser of her toddler daughter and the restoration of her broken marriage to Larry.
Since 1984 when her first book was published telling her story, Kathy has been in awe of God’s plan to develop a ministry with a world-wide impact. That includes being a best-selling and award-winning author of over 50 books, featuring a full array of non-fiction genres including Bible studies, Bible commentaries, Christian living topics, and being an editor of compiled books. Some of her other books are the Daughters of the King Bible study series (Whispers of My Heart and Choices of the Heart) and Never Ever Be the Same: A New You Starts Today (co-written with Larry). Kathy’s articles have appeared in numerous magazines and online sources. And she has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs including The 700 Club.
Kathy is also amazed about the open doors God has given for speaking. She has spoken in over 30 U.S. states and eight foreign countries including China, Indonesia, and Greece. She loves to see new sights and is so grateful her ministry allows her to travel and see the world. Kathy and Larry, her husband of almost 50 years, often write and speak together, especially at marriage events. They are also lay counselors.Kathy and Larry live in Southern California, and are the parents of two and grandparents of 2.
One of many endorsements for Kathy’s speaking : I have participated in and also led several church retreats over the years. Our latest retreat, with Kathy as the speaker/teacher for the whole weekend, was the deepest, most life-changing retreat I’ve ever been on. Her willingness to be vulnerable about her own life allows women to feel safe so they can open up about deep wounds and hurts they may have hidden their whole life. Kathy is a willing vessel the Lord uses to teach, encourage, love and challenge participants, so their walk with God becomes clearer, stronger and better than they ever thought possible.—Irene Brennick, Director of Women’s Ministries, Life Spring Church, Moorpark, California Director, Community Services, Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center
Kathy’s speaking topics, yet Kathy is always eager to prepare new material to meet the needs of each individual group.
Every woman longs to serve and know God from a pure heart. She knows her motives are often muddy and confused. From her newest book, Pure-Hearted: The Blessings of Living Out God’s Glory, Kathy reveals the keys for understanding how seeking God’s glory brings purer motives.
Heart Change
Every women can be transformed from the inside out. These presentations are based on Kathy’s latest book, Never Ever Be the Same: A New You Starts Today (co-authored with her husband, Larry). Kathy reveals the keys for determining the underlying causes of ungodly behavior. Then she shares how to come to the point of trusting God more by repenting and surrendering to God’s power.
Through His Eyes
In these presentations, Kathy gleans insights for living with an eternal perspective from the book of Philippians.
Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries
Kathy is eager to share with women how they can trust God more, reduce worry (even eliminate it), and have greater peace in their lives. These presentations are based on her book, Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries.
Princess to Princess
Kathy uses examples from both biblical women and fictional modern women to motivate Christian women to operate within their God-given inheritance in Christ so that they become strong, righteous, know they are precious, protected, and predestined for good works, among others.
Heart of Grace
We can give grace to ourselves and to others. Grace is the opposite of perfectionism and Kathy shares how to walk in realistic expectations and love others more.
Stop Motherhood! I Want to Get Off!
Kathy tells the poignant story of how God enabled her to overcome her abusive reactions toward her daughter and how God healed her marriage.
Why do I Put So Much Pressure on Myself and Others?
Someone has said, “A perfectionist is a person who takes great pains and passes them on to others.” Kathy reveals how to diminish “passing on” those pains.
When Counting to Ten Isn’t EnoughKathy offers hope about the causes and solutions for anger, particularly parental frustration.
Prevent Stress From Becoming DistressKathy examines worry, unrealistic expectations, priorities and time pressures.Discipline Children EffectivelyKathy answers the questions every parent has about responding to a child’s disobedience.Meet Your Husband’s Significance NeedsA wise wife can learn how to meet her husband’s needs for significance by becoming his lover, respecter, and helper, along with developing her individual identity.Find Contentment in a Disappointing World

Kathy presents solutions for contentment cheaters like the physical body, people, problems, and possessions.

Your View of God

In this interactive presentation, Kathy helps women identify God’s attributes and any wrong assumptions about His nature.
Listening to God’s Voice
From I Kings 19, Kathy uncovers principles for hearing God’s voice, even in the midst of busy lives.
God is Worthy to be Praised
Within Psalm 103, Kathy relates motivating and inspirational ideas for praising God.
Staying Friends with Your Kids
Parents can respond to their children as they are growing up so that when those children are grown, they all can be firm friends. Kathy tells you how.
For a half, full, or two day events, mix and match from Kathy’s basic topics to coordinate with your theme.


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